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The Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring rodeo achievement of world champions like Ty Murray, Roy Cooper and Martha Josey. We preserve rodeo history of lesser-known trailblazers who were darn good cowboys and cowgirls willing to lend a hand and give advice or encouragement to a youngster just starting out.

"Sippin Velvet" Owner: Bernis Johnson

Rodeo Animals - 2011

San Angelo Roping Fiesta

Rodeo Events & Organizations - 2010

Jerald Smith

Stock Contractor - 2010

Rob Smets

Rodeo Personnel - 2010

Beverly Steiner

Empty Saddles - 2009

Jim "Razor" Sharp

Men Contestant - 2009

Logan Stevens

Men Contestant - 2008

Duane Stephens

Empty Saddles - 2008

Sid Steiner

Men Contestant - 2008

Bob Sheppard