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Paul Smith


Paul Smith was born in Henderson, Texas on June 8, 1937. His dad had logging horses and Paul began riding them at an early age. As long as the horses were in their harness they were at their game, it was when you got on them bareback they could buck as hard as any rodeo horse out there. That is when Paul knew that he wanted to be a bareback rider in rodeo. He would ride any horse that would buck.

After riding in amateur rodeos in Texas and Louisiana, Paul went on to get his permit for the Rodeo Cowboys Association (RCA). The first RCA rodeo he went to he was able to win the bareback event in his home town of Henderson, Texas. In 1959, he began rodeoing full time filling his permit and getting his pro card.

Paul began entering pro rodeos all over the United States. He would make as many rodeos as he could with some of the larger ones being Houston, San Antonio, Waco, St. Louis, and Pecos. Win or lose, there was always another rodeo down the road in another town.

Paul had the opportunity to rodeo from 1959-1972, earning his gold card along the way. He met many friends along the way on his journey of rodeo. There are few of the old ones left now, but Paul has fond memories of the great sport of rodeo. The bareback event of rodeo was good to him. His love of being able to participate in rodeo is only a distant memory, but he will not forget it.

Paul is now a retired cattle rancher and family man.