Preserving Texas Rodeo Cowboy History

The Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring rodeo achievement of world champions like Ty Murray, Roy Cooper and Martha Josey. We preserve rodeo history of lesser-known trailblazers who were darn good cowboys and cowgirls willing to lend a hand and give advice or encouragement to a youngster just starting out.

Meet the Inductees of the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame

Nomination Process

Nomination Form
  1. Current Sustaining and Associate Members submit their nominations.
  2. The Board of Directors determine the categories and number of individuals for induction in each category.
  3. A Finalists Selection Committee of past Inductees will review the nominations. They will select the appropriate number of FINALISTS in each category.
  4. All current Sustaining and Associate Members vote on who will be inducted.
  5. Inductees are honored at the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame Reunion & Induction Ceremony, which historically happens annually.
  6. All nominations are retained for 3 years and rollover, if not inducted the year nominated.

Who is eligible to be nominated into the hall of fame?

  • Men and Women Ages 35+

    Special circumstances such as death or retirement may be considered.

  • PRCA, WPRA, or UPRA World Champions

    An individual winning a PRCA, WPRA, or UPRA World Championship is eligible for nomination and induction regardless of age.

  • Texas Residents

    Nominee must have been raised in Texas or have been a Texas resident for five (5) years during the time of rodeo activity and have listed Texas as their home state.

silhouettes of cowboys

Inductee Categories

  • Men Contestants
  • Women Contestants
  • Rodeo Personnel
  • Gold Card
  • Rodeo Animals
  • Empty Saddles
  • Rodeo Events & Organizations
  • Western Heritage
  • Johnny Boren Award

Nomination Package - Required Material

  • A completed Nomination Form.

  • A short typed biography (75-100 words or less) stating the nominees rodeo history and why they should be in the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame.

    Incomplete or inaccurate bios will not be considered.

  • Nomination material is best submitted as a Word Document via email but may be typed and mailed.

  • A minimum of two photos of the nominee suitable for reproduction including 1 action and 1 head shot.