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"Scamper: Owner: Charmayne James

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The impossible does happen. In the sport of rodeo that ‘impossible’ is in the form of a barrel racing horse named Scamper. Bought and trained by a 14 year old girl name Charmayne James, Scamper was a handful for any cowboy to ride. Put through five different horse sales, Scamper was known more for his aggressive personality than his athletic ability. However, Charmayne saw something different in Scamper and from that point on the ‘impossible’ was born.

Scamper went on to become the most successful barrel racing horse in rodeo history, winning 10 consecutive World Championships (1984-1993), 6 National Finals Rodeo average titles, earning more money in a career and won nearly every major rodeo on the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) schedule. The list of achievements are ground breaking. Never has there been a horse to achieve what Scamper did in his 10 year career. From winning the Houston Rodeo 10 times to winning a NFR go-around bridleless, Scamper has proved to be not only the greatest barrel racing horse, but, one of the greatest equine athletes ever.

Scamper was born in 1977 and today lives on Charmayne‘s ranch in Boerne, Texas, he is 34 years old.