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Hazel Turner

“Miss Hazel” was born in Groveton, April 30, 194 and loved horses and riding. During the early 1930’s she made her living working cattle on the open range of East Texas. In 1934 when Hazel moved to Houston, she got her start in rodeos. Frank Harris of the T-Diamond Ranch Rodeo Productions heard she was good with numbers and being in a bind when his rodeo secretary fell short of funds, asked Turner to take a look at the books. Hazel found the error and was hired on the spot to be Mr. Frank’s Rodeo Secretary. She worked for him for the next 38 years-at rodeo al over Texas and the Southwest.

Sloan Williams, Rodeo Producer, Rusty Thomas Productions and many others benefitted from her skills.

She worked as Secretary ath the NIFR, CFR, TRA Finals, SRA Finals, the GRA Finals, and 30 plus years (as Secretary) at Huntsville Prison Rodeo to name just a few areas.

Rodeo Houston (HLSS&R) PRCA knows firsthand of her ability to balance tasks as Rodeo Secretary (Gold Card holder of PRCA membership) and she is found there every year to this day since 1956.

Hazel no longer rides horses and has stopped working all rodeos except for Houston; she looks far younger that her 90 years, drives her own car, and does not plan to stop working the show. “I guess the Rodeo is just in my blood. I enjoy everybody and can’t imaging not being a part of it”.