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Tommy Steiner

Tommy Steiner is a true legend, in his own time. He started riding at a very early age and learned to be a cowboy performer by the time he was in sixth grade. He worked on the Steiner Ranch as a cowboy and worked cattle along with adult counterparts.  Early entry into the rodeo world was a natural step, especially since his father was producing rodeos in the 1930’s. Tommy learned the excitement of Broncs and Bulls before most people that age ever saw a rodeo.

World War II interrupted Tommy’s life, while he served his country in the Air Force. After the war, Tommy began his rodeo life in earnest, along with his father and young bride, Beverly.

The Steiners have been credited with putting color into the rodeos through the elaborate grand entries and added attractions during the show. Many times using stars of the Movies and later, television. Steiner Rodeos drew some of the largest crowds ever to attend a rodeo. One of the largest crowds was in St. Louis at the Fireman’s Benefit, back in 1958. Other successful rodeos were produced in cities all over the United States and in Cuba just as Castro was taking over. Gene Autry was the star in the wild west experience of actually running to get out of Cuba alive and with the stock.

Tommy and the Steiner family have been a real credit to the world of rodeo, and have been written up in various publications, including Sports Illustrated. He and his beautiful wife, Beverly, were appointed Good Will Ambassadors of Texas, by the late Gov. John Connally.

Tommy and wife Beverly, in addition to producing topflight PRCA rodeos, produced three sons, Bobby, the middle son became the 1973 World Champion Bull Rider. Bobby married champion barrel racer, Joleen Hurst. Their youngest son, Sid is carrying on the legendary Steiner name as a PRCA Steer Wrestler. Buck Steiner, Tommy’s father who is now 96 years old, was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1993. This is four generations in the PRCA and all living.

Tommy produced and provided stock for PRCA rodeos until 1983, when he sold the Steiner Rodeo Co. and retired from active participation.

However, on occasion he has been known to come out and demonstrate his talents, when a producer or stock contractor needs help. He’s retired from the rodeo but not out of it. Tommy is in constant touch with the rodeo business and the many, many friends he had made. Tommy Steiner deserves recognition, as a true cowboy, who has certainly contributed to the Heritage of the professional cowboy.