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Fay and Punch Oglesby

Punch and Fay Oglesby

Rodeo Couple

Punch and Fay lived all of their lives on the 12,000 acre Central Texas ranch where Punch was born. As a boy his family ran about 1000 cows and 100 horses. By the time Punch was seven, he was gentling weanlings and riding the colts through the winter. At 14 he started breaking outside horses. In addition he would train trick horses and get paid a salary to have them perform at rodeos.

Punch began training for the public and rodeoing full time upon returning home from serving in the Army. He worked every event. He was famous for winning match ropings and for taking home All Around titles at rodeos and quarter horse shows all over the United States. Among them were Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston Stock Shows and the Texas Cowboy Reunion in Stamford.

However Punch was not one to seek out the spotlight and therefore spent much of his time training the top competitive horses in the country for other cowboys to win on. He trained between 75 and 80 head a year. Rather he desired fame or not when he met Fay she brought much attention with her striking beauty, personality, and western flair. She was often the feature model and spokeswoman for many rodeo advertisements. Fay can easily be accredited with starting many of the glamour rodeo trends.

Although Punch trained and made Champions out of many horses there was a very special stallion named Motor Scooter that brought him and Fay into center stage of the rodeo world. “Scooter” was part of the family and carried Punch, Fay, their son, Jimmy and all of the grandchildren to countless championships. Punch and Fay spent their whole lives promoting the sport of rodeo and were most definitely the authentic rodeo couple of their day.