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Miles Hare

Bull Fighter

In 1977, Miles Hare was the youngest bullfighter to work the National Finals Rodeo, at the age of twenty-two. His quick rise in professional rodeo is a tribute to his ability as one of the sport’s top bullfighters. Born August 17, 1955, in Gordan, Neb., Hare joined the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in 1975. In addition to working his first NFR in 1977, Hare was also selected to work rodeo’s most prestigious event in 1985 and from 1998 through 1991.

Hare was a pioneer in the quest to develop a bullfighting competition that could recognize the top bullfighters in rodeo and also develop a second source of income for bullfighters, with prize money being awarded at the competitions. He attended the initial planning sessions of what would become the Wrangler Bullfight Tour. Hare competed on the Wrangler Bullfight Tour and was crowned World Champion Bullfighter in the first three years of the competition, from 1979 through 1981. He also shared the title with Rob Smets in 1988, with each man finishing the year with $45,250.

Hare got his start in rodeo at the age of thirteen. His career path followed that of most bullfighters, first as a bull rider and then as a bullfighter. In addition to working the National Finals Rodeo, Hare was also selected to work the Texas Circuit Finals a number of times. He also worked in movies, appearing in “8 Seconds” and “Moon of the Desperados.”

Hare was once asked what it was like to be a bullfighter. “If a guy takes a pipe and hits someone in the rear end hard enough to send them 10 feet in the air,” said Hare, “they’d get an idea of what we go through.”