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Logan Stevens

Men Contestant

Logan Stevens was born in March of 1944 and has lived a life deeply intertwined with horses and rodeo, a passion inherited from his father and grandfather. His early experiences on a horse named Dynamite and later on Rusty set the stage for a lifetime dedicated to rodeo. From breaking colts at the age of 12 for extra income to winning all-around cowboy honors at Southwest Texas in 1964, Logan’s journey in rodeo began early. He filled his permit in the Rodeo Cowboys Association (RCA) and ventured into major rodeos, with a particular passion for bull riding. Early in his career, he celebrated victories at Bay City and Fort Worth in 1965, riding alongside legends like Larry Mahan and Dan Willis.

However, life took a turn towards a more settled path when Logan married Gay in May of 1965. The couple moved to Fredonia, Texas, where Logan balanced farming with his love for rodeo, transitioning into amateur rodeos and team ropings. Known for his quickness in team tying, earning him the nickname “Fast Knot,” Logan continued to excel in rodeo, winning the Legendary XIT rodeo twice and adapting to the evolving sport of team roping.

With two daughters, Karen and Kandace, Logan’s involvement in the arena extended into coaching and supporting their competitions through the 1980s. By the mid-1990s, with his daughters grown, Logan refocused on team roping and training, achieving success in the United States Team Roping Championships (USTRC) and partnering with Phil Lyne for notable wins. His horses have been ridden by top competitors at the National Finals Rodeo, and he’s contributed significantly to community causes through roping events benefiting the West Texas Boys Ranch and the West Texas Rehab Center.

Today, Logan and Gay are dedicated to raising colts from their stud, Jack’s Hot Rodder, hoping to provide their grandchildren with competitive horses, continuing the family’s rodeo legacy.