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Johnny Boren

Johnny Boren was born December 14, 1927 in Sparta, a small community near Belton, Texas. At an early age Johnny began riding calves and horses. Because of his love for riding and his small size, 5’6″, 108 lbs. (But Big Heart) Johnny became a Professional Racehorse Jockey at the age of 16 in 1944. Johnny started racing in Texas and moved to California. He traveled from Del Rio, Texas to Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona and back to Eagle Pass, Texas. The most famous person he ever rode for was Barbara Stanwych. Johnny rode approximately 10 races for her in the summer of 1946. During his jockeying Johnny also found time to do some rodeoing.

Aside from being a racehorse jockey and rodeo athlete, Johnny also found time to make his way to Mexico in 1949 where he displayed a talent for fighting bulls. Johnny spent his time there with two Mexican Matador compadres. It was through the Eriones family that Johnny was able to rub shoulders with two of the most famous bullfighters, Manolete and Lorenzo Garcia.

In 1947 Johnny received his Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association card (PRCA). During his rodeo career Johnny traveled across the United States and Canada. Johnny won his first buckle at the Temple Fair and Rodeo in 1950 and in 1949 he took first place in Russell, Kansas taking home $250 in prize money. Also in 1949 Johnny placed first in Bull Riding n Waverly, New York. Johnny participated in all three riding events, Bareback, Saddle Bronc and Bull Riding although Bull Riding was his favorite.

During his heavy rodeoing days (1945-1950) Johnny won approximately $7,500 a year. According to Johnny he started rodeoing just for the sport of it and to travel around the country. He said, “Rodeoing was not a great way to make money, but it was a great way to make a living”.

Johnny’s dad was a true cowboy and Johnny’s brother Ed was a World Class Bull Rider and a very good bareback rider. Ed and Johnny traveled together all across the country participating in rodeos together. It was on August 19, 1978 at an O.T.R.C.A. Rodeo in Snook, Texas that Ed was killed.

It is Johnny’s live after his rodeo days that make him even more unique. Johnny, along with the Bell County Sherriff’s Posse, formed the Old Timers Rodeo Cowboys Association (O.T.R.C.A) in 1975 and their first rodeo was in Temple, Texas in 1976. He was president of the O.T.R.C.A. along with Vernon Kerens, Vice President and Wheat Whitfield as Secretary/Treasurer. Johnny kept his position as President for 10 years and received the honor of “Rookie of the Year in 1977 from the O.T.R.C.A and received a beautiful belt buckle for his honor. In 1978, he also won the Eddie Boren Memorial Award Buckle. In 1975 Johnny was voted Texas Pro Rodeo Circuit Manager and held this title for 15 years along with his rodeo secretary, Dee McCorn Sheets.

In 1989 the Pro Rodeo circuit members gave Johnny a plaque and in 1990 he received the National Western Stock Show Award for Texas Pro Rodeo Circuit manager. In 1991 Johnny received the “Texas Rodeo Man of the Year” an award presented at the Texas Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals Banquet in Dallas, Texas.

“Johnny probably did more for the sport of rodeo than anybody I know”, says his son Steve. Johnny’s love for the sport and people can be at his personal arena on his ranch in Belton, Texas where he has a string of bucking bulls. It is at this arena that he has riding schools, produces rodeo, and has helped may a kid get the right start. Johnny has said that he enjoys giving back to the sport that has been so good to him. Johnny is truly a legend in his own lifetime.