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John Burrus


John Edwin Burrus was born on December 29, 1923, in Eldorado, Texas. His parents owned a four-section ranch where John learned to rope goats, sheep, and calves. He also broke and trained horses and designed his own bridle bit. John competed in rodeos in various events, including bull riding, bronc riding, wild cow milking, wild horse race, double mugging, steer wrestling, and calf roping, winning saddles and buckles throughout his career.

John enjoyed training dogs to work livestock and hounds to hunt. He participated in matched ropings, having many notable matches such as with Ted Powers and Toots Mansfield. In 1955, John joined the R.C.A. and competed in calf roping.

Apart from his rodeo career, John liked to sing and play the guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and fiddle. He was invited to represent the Texas Cowboy in Paris, France, and Florence, Italy, where he sang with his guitar on a one-month tour.

In 1943, John joined the army and served in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater, contributing to his country during a time of need.

John used his love of music to share his faith in Jesus Christ at rodeos and the State 4-H Roping School, blending his passions to inspire and educate others.

John and his wife, Gwendolyn, have three sons, Johnny, Jamey, William, and one daughter, Gracie, sharing his legacy with his family and continuing the traditions of the Texas cowboy.