All Inductees

Dan Taylor

Born in Coleman on 2, 1923 and moved to Doole where he resides today. In 7 decades, he has been making contributions to rodeo and hasn’t retired yet.

His list of accomplishments is outstanding and lengthy, but a few would be, in 1942 at the age of 18 he joined the Cowboys Turtles Association; 1949 Boston Garden Calf Roping Champion; 1950, 3rd in the World Calf Roping Standings and ’51 was 4th, 1954 signed Articles of Inc. of Rodeo Cowboys Association, (now PRCA).

1954-’56 Calf Roping Director of the RCA, 1958 CUBA Calf roping Champion; 1944-2003 Chute 9 Roping Chute Boss (Cheyenne); 1978-98 NFR Steer Roping and Timed Event Chute Boss 19 times.

Judged various State and National High School timed events; and 1986 and 1987 was President of the PRCA. In 1942 he was the youngest pro roper in the world and in that year, he won his first buckle at Brady, (still wears it) and first saddle in the calf roping at Midland. PRCA Card #G64 and is a veteran of the armed services WWII.