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Coors Cowboy Club - Amarillo Texas

Director's Choice Inductee

The original Coors Ranch Rodeo was the ‘kickoff event’ of the summer starting in 1987. This past year they celebrated their 31st year. The Coors Cowboy Club was formed in 2000, with the mission to promote Amarillo, Texas, ‘the Cowboy Way’, which means helping your neighbor! The CCC now oversees, directs and runs the Ranch Rodeo, with the same commitment the Reed family and Coors of Amarillo did for 20 years. This is the major fundraiser for the Coors Cowboy Club.

The CCC Ranch Rodeo event serves as a tribute to our West Texas Heritage. This Rodeo promotes the history and western life of these ranches, by featuring competition between real cowboys, from real working ranches in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles and New Mexico.

The CCC consists of more than 100 members from Amarillo, the Texas Panhandle and all over the country. The CCC was formed in response to a need in the community, to provide volunteer manpower for numerous events, functions and charities in and around the Texas Panhandle.

The CCC serves as an ambassador for Amarillo, Tx and has helped to acquire and host numerous Associations. They also volunteer their time, services, goodwill and cooking skills, to organizations for the benefit of groups, individuals, children in need, military people, law enforcement, and scholarships to name a few. It is a non-profitable charity organization.