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Clay County Pioneer Association

Rodeo Events & Organizations

The Clay County Pioneer Association was organized in 1932. The first president was George S. Myers. In 1933 the first rodeo was held during the reunion at an arena located in Henrietta on Highway287 on property owned by Dago Harris. Cousins Roscoe and Bryant Edwards who were Henrietta ranchers furnished the stock.

Some years later and for several years the rodeo was held at the old Henrietta ballpark. One year the rodeo was held at Hapgood Football Field.  In the 1940’s brothers Bill Lyon from Petrolia and Red Lyon from Byes furnished the rodeo stock.  In 1947 Nat Fleming from Byers began announcing the rodeo and continued doing so for 50 years.

In 1951 the nine man board was formed to head up the rodeo part of the Clay County Pioneer Reunion and Rodeo  In 1952 Rodeo Stock Contractor, J. H. “Goat” Mayo, who was the son-in-law of Bill Lyon was instrumental in the design of the new Tex Rickard Arena where the rodeo is held now  “Goat” a Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Famer of 2001, donated his time, expertise, and rodeo stock for three years in order to get the rodeo well established at a permanent location