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"Whit" Owner: Butch Stoneman

Rodeo Animals

An amazing bay gelding that became one of the greatest “mount/calf horses of all time.” He was owned, and loved by Butch Stoneman, and admired/respected by many Gold Buckle Ropers. Whit was as honest a horse as going down the road, he gave everybody the same chance.

Butch hauled him to all the rodeos and “Whit” was as famous as sweet ice tea. Everyone wanted to get on him because they knew he was going to give them a chance to win and win big. The horse was known to have the uncanny talent to make you a winner.

JOE BEAVERS: “He was a winner, a GREAT, GREAT HORSE!!!”

ROY COOPER: “One of the greatest horses of all times, I won 3 World Championships on WHIT”

FRED WHITFIELD: “AMAZING AND PHENOMENAL!!! I only rode him twice my rookie year and won on both calves.”

Whit was retired from the arena but never forgotten by his many fans. He was the big bay horse with a huge heart and wonderful kind eye. Butch Stoneman was diagnosed with a terminal illness and his love for the horse was foremost on his mind. John Rothwell went and saw Butch and they talked about what or who was going to take care of his beloved friend. John had also been one of the cowboys to win on Whit and he had the same concerns. John had talked to Dr. Andy Currie and Doc told him to tell Butch that Whit could retire at his equine clinic and farm. Whit was delivered to Currie Equine where he resided for the duration of his life. Every cowboy that came to the clinic, the first thing they wanted to do was visit Whit. He cherished his cowboy friends.