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Skidboot the Dog

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David and Barbara Hartwig of Quinlan, Texas had the blessing of this Blue Heeler when he came into their lives in November, 1992. Like a lot of heelers, he was quite the handful. Eventually, Skidboot learned some manners and a few commands. He attracted the attention of a few Rodeo producers and his career was off and running! He performed at PRCA and amateur rodeos, NBHA Finals, The State Fair of Texas, Festivals, Schools, Churches, Conventions and Parties. Skidboot even mastered barrel racing and could run the complete pattern!

Then, one day Skidboot tried out for David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks and he had a whole new career! An article in the Ft Worth Star-Telegram attracted the attention of Inside Edition, who did the first feature story on Skidboot. After that, Skidboot performed in 38 states. His Television appearances included Jay Leno (twice) Oprah (twice), Crook and Chase, Nashville Now and many Network Morning Shows. He competed in Animal Planets Pet Star and was the inaugural season Champion. Skidboot also played a role in the Children’s video For All Mankind: THE SECRET OF THOMAS EDISON.

Skidboot has had two books written about him, SKIDBOOT THE AMAZING DOG, and SKIDBOOT ‘THE SMARTEST DOG IN THE WORLD.’ He also had 2 videos made. SKIDBOOT MAKING FRIENDS, and THE BEST OF SKIDBOOT. Texas Country Reporter did a feature on Skidboot that won multiple Emmy Awards.

At the age of 14, Skidboot passed away on March 25, 2007, but he will live on forever in the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame.