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"Skeeter" King Surgeon

Rodeo Animals

Skeeter was a steer wrestling horse owned and ridden by Whitey Bob Walker and others. His name camefrom a match race that required each horse to carry live weight. His owner at the time was said to have taped a live mosquito to his back and the name stuck. Skeeter’s titles include World Champion (1981), PRCA Season Champion (1978), three-time Texas Circuit Champion (1978, 1979, 1981), seven-time NFR Qualifier (1977-1981), seven-time Circuit Finals Qualifier, and three-time Cheyenne Frontier Days Champion. His PRCA accomplishments include championships at Cheyenne, Houston, and “Arena Record Fort Worth” (1981). Skeeter was good over any length of score line, short or long, and his riders experienced great success.