All Inductees

Ora Nash Altizer Riggs

Ora Altizer was born to Olin and Stella Altizer, the oldest of three children, Blanche Altizer Smith, and Jim Bob Altizer. Ora’s father taught her to rope and ride at a very young age and she was considered one of the premier lady ropers of the 1930’s. Ora roped all over south and west Texas, competing against the men and winning her fair share of the calf ropings at rodeos such as Crystal City, Carrizo Springs and Uvalde. In 1936, Ora was crowned rodeo queen at Crystal City and won the calf roping. Ora also won the prestigious West of the Pecos Cowgirls Calf Roping in 1938 and 1939. In 1939, Ora married Raymond Quigg and they began ranching and rodeoing. In the mid 1940’s, Ora and Raymond started the Quigg Rodeo Company. They produced RCA and all girl rodeos all over Texas, with Ora acting as secretary and time-keeper as well as a contestant. In June 1944, Raymond was killed. Ora finished out their RCA contracts and then concentrated on producing primarily GRA rodeos until she sold her rodeo company in 1952.

Ora married Jack Riggs in the fall of 1952, and though she continued to rope some, she mainly coached young rpers and kept time. Ora was respected by all the ropers for her time keeping skills and her time books. For over 30 years she kept time at the West of the Pecos Rodeo for Tommy Steiner. In 1975, her time records determined a PRCA World Championship for Leo Camarillo.

Ora supported and promoted rodeo all of her life. She was a founding and charter member of the Girls Rodeo Association. Ora passed away in 1999, and left a legacy with children and grandchildren who all followed her love of rodeo, She is survived by her daughters, Ada well Lee Robbins and Jackie Bob Cox, as well as her granddaughters, Johni Jack Robbins and Kelsey Cox Dean.