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Jerry P. Hill

Western Heritage

Jerry Hill resides in Wills Point, Texas, he was born in Quitman, Texas and raised in Mineola, Texas to the late Johnny and Mary Hill. He worked through high school and studied business at Tyler Junior College.

Jerry got involved in the rodeo industry in 1990 serving as sponsor and assistant coach to the Wills Point High School Rodeo Association, served as President of the Wills Point Riding Club, and was elected to the board of the Texas Professional Rodeo Association in 1993. He was also a member of the North American Rodeo Commission.

In 1996 while serving as President and general manager of the Texas Professional Rodeo Association (TPRA 1959), he led directors to merge assets with the Central Rodeo Association (CRA1956), creating the United Professional Rodeo Association, Jerry was elected as chief operating officer.

The United Professional Rodeo Association (UPRA) begin with almost 300 members, 37 rodeos and a yearly contestant payout of $250.000.00. Jerry was elected President of the UPRA in 2005, serves as chief operating officer and President of the UPRA Executive Board of Directors, titles he continues to hold in 2020.

In 1999 Jerry, along with representatives of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, International Professional Rodeo Association and others met in Colorado Springs and created the first Rodeo Industry “Code of Practice for Animal Welfare”. These animal welfare rules are still used today from youth rodeos to pro rodeos.

In 2014, he led directors to merge the assets of the Texas Cowboy Rodeo Association (1987) with the UPRA bringing additional rodeos and contestants to the UPRA.

Jerry has worked over 30 years to better the sport of rodeo, the UPRA has grown into one of the biggest and most respected rodeo associations in the country with 1,600 members, over 280 rodeos and yearly payouts to contestants over $5 million dollars.