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J. H. "Goat" Mayo

J.H. Goat Mayo formed a partnership with W.R.”Bill” Lyon in 1939. The amateur rodeo partnership was called Lyon & Mayo Rodeo Producers.

This continued until 1953 when Bill Lyon passed away. Goat bought the remaining half and continued to produce rodeos as Goat Mayo Rodeo Producer.

Goat produced amateur rodeos in Archer City, Breckenridge, Crosbyton, Dalhart, Henrietta, Lamesa, Mineral Wells, Nocona, Pampa, Post, Roby, Seagraves, Seymore, Snyder, Spur, Post Jr. Rodeo.

Goat wanted his rodeos to be over by 10:00 p.m., never over 2 hours in length. He wanted 50% of his bulls to get rode and no cowboy to get hurt.  Most bulls had their horns cut off.

Goat Mayo sold his rodeo stock in 1958 to Jim Shoulders, Neal Gay, and Adrian Parker. Goat sold Jim and Neal a horse, “Cactus Jack”, that made the National Finals for two years.

J.H.”Goat” Mayo passed away March 31, 1990