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Dennis Gee

Empty Saddles

Dennis Gee’s love for being a cowboy began with his grandfather, Garvin Gee who was a horse trader and pickup man. Dennis rode horses through the sale barn at Burkburnett, TX at a young age.

As a teen, he learned to bulldog with Aubrey Rankin, CR Boucher, Eugene Weakley, and Donnie Bowles. His career started with Red Caffey at amateur rodeos. He trained Bald (bulldogging horse). Shortly after he started rodeoing, he made the IRA finals in 1979.

After purchasing his PRCA card, he travelled with Eugene, CR, and the Duval clan where he won money at about all the major rodeos. He rodeoed part-time while raising his family and worked in the oil field with his dad Gene. Even while rodeoing part-time, he was a Texas Circuit Finalist qualifier several times in the

1980’s and ended one year 18th in the PRCA standings.

His true love was training bulldogging horses and helping aspiring bulldoggers. He was well known for being one of the best hazers in the game and always had a great team of horses on the road. In 2003, he hazed for his son Mickey at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. His hazing skills helped Mickey to win the NFR average that year as well as a number of other rodeos.

Dennis was a selfless man of his word and his handshake was better than any legal contract. Although gone much too soon, his memory lives on through many rodeo stories!