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Free Malone Jocko

Free Malone “Jocko”

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Free Malone, better known as Jocko, was born on January 20, 1969.  Jocko had a successful career on the racetrack as a two and three-year-old.

Recognizing Jocko’s unusually gifted talent. Lloyd bought him in 1975. He had an athletic build, exceptionally good looks, with a great mind and a willingness to accept training. He was the total package, clearly blessed with breeding and talent. The things that defined Jocko best were his speed, heart and relentless effort. His steer wrestling career lasted for fifteen years. Within that time frame, fourteen World Champions and nineteen other NFR qualifiers rode Jocko along with over ninety-plus other riders. Jocko was a difference maker for everyone that rode him.

When most other good horses of his era were long into retirement, Jocko was still going strong. Throughout his career, Jocko was teamed with eight different hazing horses showcasing his longevity.

To Lloyd and Cathy Hodges and their sons Bob and Jack, Jocko was first and foremost part of their family. Jocko retired sound in 1992 at the age of 23. He lived a long and productive life, from a two-year-old racehorse to an exceptional steer wrestling horse well into his twenties. Jocko died in May of 2007. He was thirty-eight years old, never losing his competitive fire.