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Don Graham

Men Contestant

BIRTHDATE: August 15, 1951
BIRTHPLACE: Carrollton, Texas
PARENTS: Dwight and Frances Graham

  • Began competition in junior rodeos in 1964 at age 12 (roping and steer riding events)
  • Acquired R.C.A. (now known as P.R.C.A.) Permit in 1968, entering calf roping event (placed at all three rodeos entered)
  • Filled Permit with first bull riding check in 1969 and joined R.C.A. as full member
  • Member of Texas A&M Rodeo Team 1972 and 1973:
    • 1972: All Around and Bull Riding Champion in Southern Region of the N.I.R.A., qualified for National Intercollegiate Rodeo Assn. Finals/Bozeman, Montana (worked five events)
    • 1973: Worked six events; qualified for N.I.R.A. Finals in Bareback and Bull Riding at Bozeman, MT – won first in Bull Riding average; placed second in Bareback Riding average; named Reserve All-Around Champion
  • 1974: Graduated from Texas A&M with B.B.A. degree in Marketing; named to Outstanding College Athletes of America; qualified for my first National Finals Rodeo
  • 1975-1977: Continued rodeo competition; qualified for N.F.R. in Bull Riding
  • 1978: By virtue of N.F.R. qualification, earned invitation to U.S. Tobacco Copenhagen/Skoal Rodeo Superstars Competition; retired from competition; hired by Justin Boot Company as Sales Representative
  • 1998: Elected to Gladewater Round-Up Rodeo Committee and still serving

Although the financial opportunity did not exist in rodeo during my era to the degree it does today, I would never trade for the experience and camaraderie that I got out of it. I grew up with Pete and Donnie Gay (as kids, riding the clown barrel behind the chutes at Mesquite) and later (as an older kid), spent many nights in their home. Neal and Kay Gay afforded many “learning” opportunities, not to mention lots of practice stock. Bobby Steiner and family took me with them to many, many junior rodeos, and I learned a lot from them. I learned how to ride, (enter and get to rodeos), from many of the top bull riders of my time. Dan Willis, Randy Magers, and later, David Glover, took me with them to some of my first pro rodeos. I traveled with Sandy and Butch Kirby, Bobby Steiner, and Bobby Berger, but never had more fun than going down the road with Pete and Donnie Gay, Monty “Hawkeye” Henson, and Mike Bandy. They’re all still friends today.