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Buck Fergeson

C. L. "Buck" Ferguson

Buck’s rodeo career, spanning some 25 years from 1936 to 1960, covered all aspects of rodeo, from contract acts to rough stock events. His journey began at the tender age of six, when he rode trick horses and jumping horses for his father, C.D. Fergeson, in rodeos and Wild West shows across Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, also participating in calf and steer riding whenever possible.

By the age of 15, Buck had progressed to entering bull and bareback bronc riding competitions and soon joined the R.C.A. His competitive spirit took him from Tucson, Arizona, to Madison Square Garden, traversing all points in between. Throughout his career, Buck achieved notable success, winning or placing at prestigious rodeos in places like Mile City, Montana; Memphis, Tennessee; Greenville, Mississippi; Durango, Colorado; and across most of Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Although he never clinched a National Championship, Buck humorously noted that his entry fees might have sponsored more champions than Wrangler and Budweiser combined.

Beyond his competitive achievements, Buck is a lifetime member of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, where for 17 years, he applied his artistic talents to design and build the bronze sculptures awarded as trophies to many of the rodeo champions.