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Byrel Hittson

Byrel Hittson of Breckenridge has been roping all his life. He spent a good part of his younger life working on some of the largest cattle ranches in New Mexico. He began punching cattle at the age of 16.

The first roping that Byrel ever went to was in Lovington, New Mexico in 1911 and he has been competing ever since. Byrel’s long rodeo career carried him all over the United States and gave him a long string of rodeo wins. He holds a Gold Card in the PRCA that goes back 50 years. Byrel also holds the Number One in the National Old Timers Roping Association. The accompanying photo is of Byrel on “Old Red” and was taken 35 years ago. Old Red won five World Championships and set the money winning for those years. Byrel sold Old Red to Don McLaughlen.

Byrel is still very active and roping steers in Breckenridge at the young age of 84