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Brenda Crowder

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Brenda Crowder, born in Dallas, Tx, was introduced to rodeo by her parents, Bill and Pat Crowder. Miss Brenda, as she was widely known, was a pillar in the professional rodeo community, serving as a secretary and timer in thousands of rodeos for over 40 years. She was nationally recognized with the highest-achievement awards in her field, but her greatest pride was in her family, her deep faith, and in the life-long friendships she made. 


Brenda was a remarkable example of resilience, from overcoming the effects of polio as a child and other ongoing medical challenges, nothing slowed her down or kept her from doing what she loved. She was always quick to share a laugh, a hug and a shoulder. It is a rare and special person who can make people happy to hand over and entry fee, and that is exactly what she did for thousands of cowboys and cowgirls over the years. What she lacked in height she made up for in heart. She was a welcoming and 

smiling face to everyone she met and her laughter and kindness will never be forgotten by anyone that knew her. 


Over the years, Brenda worked for Bad Co. Rodeo, Smith Pro Rodeo, Rafter G Rodeo, Pickett Pro Rodeo, Terry Walls Rodeo, Vold Rodeo Co, Cervi Rodeo, Do or Die Rodeo and Frontier Rodeo. She worked events in the PRCA, WPRA, UPRA, CPRA and the NIRA. 

Achievements include: 


PRCA Secretary and Timer since 1974. 


Worked the RAM Texas Circuit Finals for many years. NFRTimer2001 

PRCA Secretary of the Year 2019. PRCA Timer of the Year 2020. 

PRCA NFSR Secretary 2020. PRCA Secretary of the Year 2021.