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Billie Ann Evans

Empty Saddles

Billie Anne was born on October 12, 1931, into a prominent ranching family in Presidio County, Texas. Growing up on the family ranch alongside her sister, Beverly Steiner, they were homeschooled for several years to assist their parents with the ranching business. On March 1, 1952, she married J.W. “Bub” Evans.

At 17, Billie Anne doubled for Kristine Miller in the movie “High Lonesome,” filmed in Presidio County. She disliked this role because it required her to fall off a horse three times to capture the perfect shot. Nevertheless, she was renowned for her horsemanship in West Texas.

Billie Anne was a member of the old Girls Rodeo Association and the Rodeo Cowboys Association from 1954-1974. She competed in barrel racing and served as the rodeo secretary for the Steiner XS Rodeos, remembered by the older RCA cowboys for her quick smile and positive attitude.

She competed in many Texas towns, including Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, Mercedes, Waco, Pecos, Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, El Paso, and San Angelo. She qualified for the NFR GRA Barrel Racing Championship Finals in 1959 in Clayton, New Mexico, in 12th place, and again in 1960 in 5th place. By 1970, she served as the G.R.A. Southern Region Director.

Once, while living in Eagle Pass, TX, she and Bub entered a team roping event in Piedras Negras, Mexico, and emerged as the champion team ropers, with Billie Anne roping the heads.

Billie Anne once bought a thoroughbred mare known for running away with its rider, trained her as a cutting horse, and then retrained her for barrel racing. This mare, “Sissy,” carried her to the NFR in 1959 and 1960. Billie Anne and her daughter, Jean Anne, would both compete on “Sissy” in GRA barrel races, sometimes both placing in the same performance.

Another notable achievement was when she won a barrel race in Boulder on a horse she had never ridden before, showcasing her exceptional riding skills. She also trained several barrel horses for the John Casselman family of Midland, Texas, with None Casselman becoming the AQHA Youth Honor Roll World Champion Barrel Racer from 1969 to 1971 on “Okie Flyer,” a horse trained by Billie Anne.

Billie Anne passed away on October 11, 1978, after a nine-month battle with cancer, leaving behind a rich legacy for her family.