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A. L. "Duke" Gibbs

Empty Saddles

A.L. “Duke” Gibbs was a rodeo producer and started an early career as a commercial farmer in bell County near Youngsport in the 1930’s. Duke always had an interest in the rodeo business when he began hauling stock for the Triangle Bell Rodeo Company. His first rodeo was in 1948 in Waco and that kicked off a long career producing rodeos all over Texas and New Mexico.

He also had an outstanding bull dogging team. Known for keeping the best stock possible, the feeding and care always came first, last and always. In 1956 he sold his own stock and went into business with the Diamond P Rodeo Company. They produced rodeos throughout Alabama and Florida. In 1960 he sold his part of that company and came back to Texas, helping his brother with his ranch.

Gibbs passed away in Harker Heights at his son’s home, Wayne Gibbs on July 6th, 1970.