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Parker County Sheriff’s Posse

The Parker County Sheriffs Posse was formed in 1947 by 13 Parker County ranchers, to preserve the western heritage and western way of life. Preserving the western heritage and way of life is more difficult than it used to be but we are still very committed to keeping this alive.
Our rodeo started out small and has grown tremenddusly over the years. In 2004 we won the PRCA Small Outdoor Rodeo award. We are now a PRCA Medium Outdoor Rodeo and we seem to be growing every year. We are always making improvements to our grounds, which have grown from 40 acres to 80 acres since 2015. We are currently working to improve our facilities before the 2024 rodeo and we are always working at keeping the western heritage alive.
We have seen considerable growth of our rodeo over the last 4 to 5 years, with almost 15 to 20% growth every year. In 2020 when we decided to have our rodeo, we added Ladies Breakaway event which saw our numbers grow even more. Our entries now average 800 to 850 a year.
We host our contestants over 4 nights beginning with our Xtreme Bulls kicking it off on Tuesday night.
We also host full days of slack every day except Friday. Friday is when we have our annual softball game with Pete Carr’s crew, raising money for CASA of Parker County.
Pete Carr, our stock contractor has been with us for years, and we are excited that he has just signed on for 6 more. Pete brings with him an impressive history, 13x Prca stock contractor of the year nominee, 5 world champion bucking horses, and 2x WPRA Stock Contractor of the year. The stock Pete brings to our rodeo are some of the best in the business. He averages 15 to 20 animals a year at the NFR. In 2023 he took 26 animals, twice what other contractors took. We feel extremely blessed to have Pete & his crew on our team.
This year we were added to the Cinch Payoff Series. Our added money has grown from $104,000.00 in 2019 to over $180,000.00 in 2023.
Giving back to our community is another important reason we do this. The profits from our rodeo every year go out to numerous non-profit organizations in Parker County and the kids involved in the Parker County Livestock Association.